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Basic Spur Track Safety

This mini-web gives you the information you need for a safe industrial spur track. We've selected six essential safety products from our catalog: four are mandated by OSHA and the other two, although not required, provide additional protection.

(click the text on the safety map for more information on any product)

spur track safety  map click for clearance marker click for chocks info click for derail info page click for derails info page click for clearance marker click foe Switch Cube information click for Switch Point Lock!

switch cube
Switch Cube® Indicator
Unambiguous Switch Direction Indicators
switch point protector
Switch Point Protector
track clearance marker
Track Clearance Marker


Blue Flag
chock with flag

wedge car stop
Car Stop


Prices shown here are U.S. industrial list prices, FOB Waukegan, Illinois. Web visitors outside the United States should contact their local area representative.


Click to find out more about ...

Switch Cube® Indicator

... an unambiguous Switch Stand Direction Indicator..

Switch Point Protectors

... protect the sharp ends of switch points from wheel battering. Reduces the chance for derailment at the switch due to ill-fitting points.

Track Clearance Marker

... prevents collisions by marking safe passing clearance on converging tracks. Also useful to mark stopping points when spotting cars at rail loading docks.


... control access to your siding by locomotives. Derails prevent one rail car from rolling into another or a loose car from rolling onto the mainling.

Signs and Lights

...protect stationary cars on side tracks and workers in or around parked cars from unauthorized entry of locomotives.


... stabilize rail cars for safe loading or unloading.

Car Stops and Bumping Posts

... provide end-of-track barrier and to prevent one from rolling into another.






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